Are you interested in experiencing the thrill of deep sea fishing?  Do you want the exhilaration of hooking and reeling in massive grouper or huge snapper?  El Capitano’s Offshore offers expert guidance in safety and comfort for your next Tampa fishing charter expedition.
Our captain, Chad “El Capitano” Hickman, has been fishing and on boats since childhood.  He is professional fisherman who is licensed as a captain by the US Coast Guard.  He also competes in sport fishing tournaments along the southeast.   “El Capitano” brings his wealth of knowledge about where the fish are in the Gulf of Mexico, how to fish, different species as well as fishing regulations.  All of this comes together to bring you an exciting fishing experience that you will always remember.
Whether deep sea trolling for sailfish, bottom fishing for grouper or trolling for high speed predators such as tuna, our guides with decades of experience will target the areas that will give you the best chance of hauling in that big catch.
We begin our Tampa fishing charters by outfitting you all of the equipment that you will need for a successful fishing adventure.  Included are:
  • Fishing rods made to withstand the weight and power of deep sea fish
  • Bait and lures that attract the species that are thrilling to catch
  • Ice for storage of the fish until we are back onshore
  • An expert crew guides these exciting, safe and comfortable Tampa fishing charters
  • We will also clean and bag your catch so it is ready for you to take home and use 
Aside from bringing your enthusiasm and excitement for your deep sea fishing excursion with El Capitano’s Tampa fishing charters, there are a few things that you should bring to make your trip more relaxed and enjoyable:
  • Food to eat
  • Drinks, in cans only – beer and wine are fine, but no other alcohol is allowed
  • Sunscreen – you will be exposed to hot sun for an extended period of time
  • Polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes
  • Hat or visor
  • Jacket or windbreaker in case it gets cool or rains
  • Over the counter seasickness medication if you are prone to seasickness
  • A cooler to take you catch home with you
During your excursion, we will visit various fishing grounds near shore as well as offshore.  This lends to a variety of fish species to catch.  The areas that we will visit is dependent on the length of your trip.  The shorter Tampa fishing charters will be near shore, targeting tarpon and kingfish.   We offer tours that range from four hours up to fifteen hours.
When looking for the top Tampa fishing charters, look no further than El Capitano’s Offshore.  We provide guidance by a seasoned, knowledgeable crew.  We will make this  Plan your trip with your friends and family and call us today at 941-468-8692 to book your tour. Tampa Fishing Charters
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